Barossa Lime offers a solution to adjust soil pH, catering to a wide range of plant species. By incorporating it into your routine, you create an environment that suits various plants, promoting healthy growth. 

Sand and Metal concrete mix

Concrete mix, is a 50/50 blend of concrete sand & 14mm screenings mixed, used in the handyman market, fence post bedding or any application requiring a pre mix sand & metal mix, just add cement. 

Concrete Sand

Concrete Sand; for use in concrete production

Crusher Dust

Crusher dust has multiple applications including pave bedding sand, under water tanks, pathways and foundation pads.

Mattress Rock 60mm – 120mm

Mattress Rock  is a larger stone than ballast usually around 60mm – 120mm uses include creek, dam and river drainage to control erosion.

Ballast – Septic

Septic ballast used for septic systems and drainage applications sizing is approximately 50mm

Large Walling Rock

Larger walling rock include decorative applications for front yards, landscape features and retaining walls. Sizing ranges up to 1 metre diameter.

Screenings 20mm

20mm screenings is widely used in the concrete industry on roadways and asphalt production

Screenings 10mm

10mm Screenings is widely used in the concrete production industry and for decorative covering on driveways and garden beds. 

Screenings 7mm

7mm Screenings is used for drainage around bore casings and behind retaining walls. This size screenings is also used in concrete paving manufacture and in garden beds as a decorative setting.